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Winterize Your Vehicle at Pearson Auto in Fairbanks and North Pole

Get your car ready for winter! Winterization is an important step in prolonging the life of your vehicle and staying safe (and warm!) in extreme weather.

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Winterization Packages Start at $399.97

Only Needs to be Installed Once • 2-3 Hour Installation • Lifetime Warranty

What’s Included:

Each of those components run to one cord that comes out of the front of your vehicle. The cord is plugged in to keep your car working in even the harshest conditions.

Below are our recommendations for how long to plug in your car, depending on the temperature outside:

Benefits of Winterization

Learn More About Vehicle Winterization

winter driving

Winterizing Your Car or Truck for a Long Winter

Winter is almost here, is your car or truck ready to go? The winter months can be harsh on your vehicle, but you can make things easier by performing a few preventative measures on your vehicle. Taking some time today, we wanted to talk about some of these measures you can perform to help your vehicle get through the season.

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