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Filter Changes

Filter Changes in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

Our ASE-certified technicians at Pearson Auto understand that it is easy to forget about the filters in your car. These keep the vehicle running efficiently, prevent breakdowns, and must be changed regularly. Our ASE-certified mechanics help Fairbanks and North Pole residents along with personnel from Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base with filter changes that keep everyone’s cars on the road.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today. We are happy to inspect your filters, install better products, and keep your car in perfect condition.

air filter replacement

Air Filters

The air filter in your car does not filter the air used in your heater or air conditioner. Air is mixed with fuel to drive the engine, and the air filter keeps that air as clean as possible. The engine air filter clogs easily due to the sheer amount of impurities it filters every day.

Common symptoms of a clogged or dirty air filter include:

clean air filter

We can replace the air filter today with something that is much more efficient and affordable. We also replace cabin air filters. They are much more difficult to reach, and you should have them replaced when the air in the car smells unclean or you find dust blowing through the vents.

Oil Filters

The oil filter in your car is replaced with every oil change because it removes impurities from your engine oil and helps keep the engine lubricated. 

Common signs of a faulty oil filter include:

new oil filter

Oil filters must be replaced more often if you use inadequate engine oil, the seals are damaged, or the car is driven very quickly while the engine is cold. We also have access to oil filters designed to improve engine performance. 

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter in your car filters the gasoline that powers your engine. It is typically buried deep in the car, but it must be replaced at regular intervals. 

As you drive, common signs of a faulty fuel filter include:

oil filter replacement

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the fuel filter every 10,000 miles, but we check your fuel filter during every visit to ensure it is in good working condition. 

With every service, we also provide you with a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty. Contact us for more information on warranty repairs if you believe your filter is not working properly. 

Contact Pearson Auto For Filter Changes

At Pearson Auto, we are happy to help our customers with filter changes and additional services. Your air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter impact the performance of your car, and we are happy to handle a replacement at any time. We also offer loaners when you need a car and a free second opinion on expense estimates from other mechanics.

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