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Exhaust System Repairs

Exhaust System Repairs in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

The exhaust system on your vehicle is vitally important for performance and safety. It is not a messy exhaust pipe with a bad smell — there are several parts that must work together to make your car more powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly. Serving Fairbanks and North Pole along with personnel from Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base, our ASE-certified technicians offer exhaust repairs that keep your vehicle in good condition and prevent unnecessary breakdowns, backfires, or emergencies.

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How Does the Exhaust System Work?

Your exhaust system has an O2 sensor, catalytic converter, mufflers, and exhaust pipe. These components work together to expel exhaust from your car because it cannot run if it backs up. Your muffler keeps the car as quiet as possible. The catalytic converter splits nitrogen oxide molecules, and it burns off excess hydrocarbons. Without it, your car would spew harmful pollutants into the atmosphere and create a noxious odor.

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Common Exhaust System Problems

With our years of experience, we’ve noticed common themes in exhaust repairs. The most common issues include:

dirty vehicle exhaust

Do not allow these problems to persist because they are hazardous to your health and the environment. The check engine light might come on, your gas mileage might plummet for no reason, or the vehicle might struggle to get up speed. We recommend that our customers are especially careful with exhaust issues if they have small children.

Eco-Friendly Vehicles

The Fairbanks North Star Borough successfully petitioned for the suspension of the EPA-mandated emissions inspection program in 2010. As a result, you are not in danger of failing an emissions inspection. At the same time, an eco-friendly car is good for everyone. Plus, the emissions program is in the “contingency phase.” If emissions problems come back, the state could ask everyone to spend their hard-earned money on additional emissions inspections. 

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Take care of these issues today for everyone’s benefit. If you got an estimate elsewhere that was too expensive, we’ll give you a second opinion for free.

Improved Performance and Economy

Your vehicle’s performance naturally improves after exhaust repairs. Air leaving the engine compartment makes way for more air to mix with the fuel and combust. If your engine cannot mix air with fuel, you experience a reduction in performance. Not only do you have fewer horsepower at your disposal, but your car might struggle to maintain speed. 

If you use a truck for hauling, construction, or deliveries, the vehicle simply will not have enough power to carry all that extra weight. Plus, your fuel economy will drop because much of it is wasted when there is very little air in the mixture. 

Exhaust Systems Repairs You Can Trust

Call us at Pearson Auto or contact us online when you have issues with your exhaust system. You don’t need to pass an emissions test, but your car will thank you when you repair these lingering problems. We offer free wifi in the waiting room, free loaners, and additional exhaust repair services to keep you comfortable and get your car on the road. You also get a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty with each repair.

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