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Electrical System Repair

Electrical System Repairs in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

The electrical system in your car stretches from the front to the back, and it involves every critical component. At Pearson Auto, we are happy to serve personnel from Fort Wainwright and offer electrical system repairs in Fairbanks and North Pole because a breakdown of this system could leave you stranded, uncomfortable, or in a perilous situation. Do not assume that you only have issues with your battery when the problem could go much deeper.

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Comprehensive Diagnostics

Our ASE-certified technicians offer comprehensive diagnostics and a full inspection before producing an estimate. We are happy to explain everything and show you some of the issues with the vehicle. We might also test drive the vehicle to get a better idea of what is happening while you drive. 

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If you received an expensive estimate from another mechanic, we are happy to give you a free second opinion. We can set up a payment plan, and we explain which repairs should happen today and those that can be scheduled for a later date.

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Signs of Electrical Issues

While you cannot inspect the electrical system in your car, there are a few signs of electrical issues that we see every day. Visit our shop if you notice these issues or have questions about your car.

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Some of our customers have a rudimentary knowledge of cars or understand how to “pop the hood” to have a look.

You might notice other problems, such as:

There are electrical cables running throughout your car, and they could be damaged during an accident. Even if you are involved in a no-damage fender bender, the electrical cables could be jostled loose or torn.

The sensors in your car use the electrical system to transmit information to the onboard computer and other systems. Faulty sensors could cause your check engine light to come on, and the vehicle might shut down or malfunction as sensors send the wrong messages to the onboard computer.

Hazards Caused By Faulty Electrics

If you have a faulty electrical system, you could experience several issues that make the car more dangerous to drive. In Alaska, you need to know that the car will perform exactly as you believe it should. 

Common hazards caused by bad electrics include:

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Trusted Electrical System Repairs For Any Vehicle

For electrical system repairs in Fairbanks, call us at Pearson Auto or contact us online when you think you are having trouble with your electrical system. Because the system is so complex, make sure we inspect the car before the system causes even bigger problems in the future. 

Plus, we offer a 5-year/50,000 warranty and free loaners to make the process that much easier for all our customers.

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