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Tire Alignment in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

At Pearson Auto, we offer tire alignments in Fairbanks, North Pole, and to all personnel at Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. We have ASE-certified technicians who will work on your car right away, and we offer these regular services so that your vehicle lasts longer, you save money, and maximize your investment.

Plus, we offer free second opinions if you got an outrageous estimate from someone else. We do the job quickly and offer only the services you need.

wheel alignment

What is Tire Alignment?

Tire alignment at Pearson Auto is a process where we align the wheels and tires with the vehicle itself. Not only do the wheels and tires need to all point the same direction, but they need to square with your vehicle. We use advanced technology to align your wheels to a fraction of an inch, and we inspect the suspension to ensure it is in good working order.

Common Problems Caused by Poor Alignment

When your car is not aligned, you will experience some common issues that are easy to pinpoint. Take note of these issues, and circle your car when you stop to search for any signs of poor alignment.

Call us or come in for an alignment when your car:
wheel inspection

These issues are easy to see or feel while driving, and you should not assume that these problems will get better. Aside from the basic issues, your car will also suffer from:

Never assume that the services you need are expensive. Parts of the vehicle could be shaken loose, or the wheels could sustain severe damage that requires replacement. Additionally, the axle could be damaged or snapped as the wheels wobble, 

Basic services like wheel alignment, tire rotation, and oil changes are proven to be economical and effective.

Why do I Need Regular Alignments?

Regular alignments make your car easier to drive, safer, and more efficient. We recommend an alignment with every oil change, or you might have your tires aligned at least once a year to keep the car in good condition. 

axle repair

Regular alignments also allow us to check the shocks and struts, and we will recommend repairs as needed. Because these systems are so complex, we offer loaners so that you can go about your day while we complete each service.

We also offer a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty with each service, covering labor and parts. Ask your mechanic for more information about your warranty, and contact the shop if you need a warranty repair.

Come to Pearson Auto Today

Come to Pearson Auto for help with alignments in Fairbanks, suspension adjustments, and additional repairs. We treat your car like it’s our own, and we work quickly so that you can get back on the road. Don’t avoid these services because they make driving safer on the weather-worn roads of Alaska.

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