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Tire Services

Tire Services in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

Serving Fairbanks, North Pole, and personnel from Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base, Pearson Auto is your preferred local home for tire services. The tires on your car are often forgotten because you don’t need to inspect them every day. Even so, they are a large part of your driving experience. Our ASE-certified technicians can help you with a range of tire services, help you save money, and avoid serious issues on the road.

tire change

Common Tire Issues

When you bring your vehicle in for service, our team at Pearson Auto completes a full inspection and diagnostic. We want to know all the things that have gone wrong, and we even check your tires. 

A few things we typically notice include:

You might notice these problems while you are driving, or you might see other issues on the road, including:

worn tire tread

Please contact us or drop by the shop for help with your tires before these problems get worse. You cannot assume that these issues are not all that serious because they will not go away, and the price to fix them will only rise. 

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Alignment, rotation, and balancing help keep your tires in the best possible condition while ensuring you have a good ride. Alignment improves handling, fuel economy, and steering. Balancing improves safety and fuel economy.

Rotating your tires changes the position of the tires. We tend to move the front tires to the back and vice versa. We do this to even the wear on your tires. If you avoid a tire rotation, your tires continue to wear in exactly the same spots. By rotating the tires, they wear more slowly, increasing their life and enhancing your investment.

As you continue visiting Pearson Auto, we keep a record of all the tire rotations we’ve done. We continue to change the configuration of the tires to keep the tires viable and let you know the moment they need to be replaced.

tighten wheel lug nuts

Our Warranty

We offer a warranty with every service. Our Pearson Auto team will review any services or repairs we handle for five years and 50,000 miles. We offer this warranty so that you always feel comfortable coming back to our shop for additional service.

We also offer loaners when you have things to do while you wait. We try not to keep your car overnight, but you can keep the loaner overnight if we need extra time to handle your services or repairs. 


Visit Pearson Auto Today

When you need tire services in Fairbanks, we handle everything. Call us to schedule an appointment or visit the shop for assistance. We can rotate your tires, check the wear on your tires, and get you back on the road. We also offer free second opinions.

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