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Steering and Suspension Repairs

Steering and Suspension Repairs in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

Steering and suspension repair in Fairbanks is often necessary even if you think your car is functional. You deserve a better ride, and you should always feel like you are in control of your car. Serving Fairbanks, North Pole, military personnel from Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base, our team at Pearson Auto will help you bring your car back to life and avoid steering or suspension issues that could cause accidents.
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Comprehensive Inspections and Diagnostics

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We offer comprehensive inspections when you visit our shop for steering or suspension repair. Our ASE-certified mechanics also use advanced diagnostics to read codes from the onboard computer. We might want to take the vehicle on a short test drive to better understand the problem, and we will create an estimate for all the work that we believe should be done. 

We can help you set up a payment plan if the repairs are extensive, and we offer free loaners if we must keep your car overnight. If you got an expensive estimate elsewhere, we offer a free second opinion.

Comprehensive Inspections and Diagnostics

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Upon receipt of your car, we complete a full inspection and a diagnostic check of the vehicle’s systems. We will show you the report from the onboard computer, and we can even bring you to the vehicle to better explain any problems we uncover. 

You will see a complete estimate for the repairs you need, we only fix the problem, and we get to work as soon as you approve the estimate.

Signs of Steering Issues

Steering problems in your car may not seem all that serious. The car should respond to all steering input, the wheel should be stable, and you should never need to “fight” your car for control.
The most common steering issues we see are:

You Deserve a Better Ride

The suspension on your vehicle helps smooth out the bumps you drive over every day. While it is impossible to smooth out every bump, the car should not feel like it is bouncing all over the road. Your suspension system consists of shocks and struts that are supposed to give you a smooth ride, but they deteriorate due to constant use.

We generally see suspension issues that include:

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We Care about your Safety 

When you need suspension and steering repairs, there is more at stake than the value of your car and your driving pleasure. A faulty or damaged steering system and suspension can be very dangerous. If you cannot turn, you could easily be involved in an accident.

A severe bump on the road could throw you into another lane or cause you to lose control. If the steering wheel drifts, you might find yourself driving into oncoming traffic. Fairbanks sees an average of five feet of snow every year. Ice accompanies frigid temperatures even into the summer, and we want to correct these problems before you end up in a dangerous situation. At Pearson Auto, we recommend that you visit us as soon as possible for an inspection, diagnostic, and repair.

Enhanced Performance

The performance of your vehicle improves organically when you have a better ride and improved steering. When the car is not drifting and slowing for every bump, your gas mileage improves. We also offer a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty on our repairs so that you can enjoy these improvements for years to come.

Suspension and Steering Repairs You Can Trust

Our ASE-certified mechanics at Pearson Auto can get to work today while you wait in our comfortable shop with free wifi. If you have errands to run, we offer free loaners for lengthy repairs. Don’t put off needed steering or suspension repairs in Fairbanks when we are here to help you right away.
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