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Brake System Repairs

Vehicle Brake Repairs in Fairbanks, AK and North Pole, AK

At Pearson Auto, we offer brake system repairs in Fairbanks, North Pole, and around Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. The brakes on your vehicle allow you to stop, prevent accidents, and drive defensively. Unfortunately, the brake system wears down over time, and you must have it serviced, repaired, or replaced.

Our ASE-certified technicians help you handle all the brake issues on your vehicle. Plus, we can repair anything else on your vehicle that needs fixing. Call for an appointment or drop by— walk-ins are always welcome.

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Common Symptoms of Brake Trouble

You might experience brake trouble in your car and assume it is all part of the aging process. That is not always the case. When customers visit our shop, we see a few common signs of brake wear that must be addressed as soon as possible. 

Call or visit the shop if:

gas pedal

In most cases, these symptoms indicate that your brakes are either worn out, uneven, or damaged. If you are starting and stopping too frequently, the brakes could smoke. New brakes squeal and create a slight burnt odor because they are coated in a preservative for shelf stability. Outside of these outliers, you likely need brake repairs or replacement.

If we must replace your brakes, we will show you which brake systems are most affordable or offer the best performance. 

Comprehensive Diagnostics

We use comprehensive diagnostics to ensure that we know everything about your car. We plug into the onboard computer to check all the error codes for the brakes, and we work to correct those issues. During our diagnostic scan, we might uncover other issues with your vehicle. We are happy to walk you through these codes and explain how they should be repaired or corrected. We complete the inspection and diagnostic as quickly as possible so that repairs can begin.

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Comprehensive Diagnostics

When you visit Pearson Auto for any service, we can complete a diagnostic and inspection of the vehicle. We prefer to explain how much longer your brake pads will last, or if we believe it is time for a service, repair, or replacement. We understand that it is easy to overlook the brakes because our lives are so busy — a routine brake assessment keeps you and your passengers safe.

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Affordable Brake System Repairs in Fairbanks

When you notice an issue with your brakes, allow our team at Pearson Auto to complete a brake system repair as soon as possible. We are happy to inspect and diagnose the problem, better explain the issue, and offer a 5-year/50,000 warranty with each repair. There are free loaners available if you cannot wait, and we have free wifi in our cozy waiting room. 

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