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Winterizing Your Car or Truck for a Long Winter

Winter is almost here, is your car or truck ready to go? The winter months can be harsh on your vehicle, but you can make things easier by performing a few preventative measures on your vehicle. Taking some time today, we wanted to talk about some of these measures you can perform to help your vehicle get through the season.

winterize car

Switch to Winter Tires

Winter brings with it a lot of ice and snow, which will make driving conditions harsh and dangerous. The best way to counteract dangerous road conditions is to switch out your tires for winter tires. Tires that are designed for wintery conditions have better traction and won’t slip as much as regular tires.

Install Winter Wipers

When switching your tires, it’s also a good time to switch out your windshield wipers. Normal wipers may not be able to keep up with a snowstorm, instead you’ll want to install specialized winter wipers that will be able to keep any ice and snow out of your line of sight while driving.

Keep Your Gas Tank Above Half

You don’t want to get stranded at any time of the year, but you especially don’t want to get stranded during the winter, which is why we recommend you keep your gas tank at least half full. Additionally, this will also help prevent your fuel lines from freezing up, something we see a lot of during the winter.

Work with an Experienced Auto-Mechanic

If you’re looking for some assistance preparing your vehicle for the upcoming winter, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pearson Auto, we’ve worked on a number of winter wrecks, and believe us when we tell you winter wrecks can be brutal. Give us a call to learn how we can help winterize your vehicle.

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