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Your Comprehensive Guide to Car Maintenance Milestones

Proper car maintenance can keep your vehicle running smoothly for years. But do you know what you actually need to do and when? We’ve put together this guide so you’ll always know when to complete each maintenance task.

An employee dispensing fresh oil.

Oil Changes

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — get your oil changed regularly! We know we sound like a broken record, but it’s really that important. So how often should a “regular” oil change occur?

Most auto manufacturers have recommendations for vehicle maintenance, including oil changes, so you can always check your car’s handbook. But in general, most cars need an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires ensures even wear and extends their life. You should aim to get a tire rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to keep them in good shape.

Brake Replacement & Service

Thankfully, brakes are made to last! You should only need your brakes replaced every 50,000 miles or so. That being said, it depends on how you drive. Are you someone who coasts, or do you stop and start frequently? If it’s the latter, you may need your brakes replaced sooner.

But to be sure your brakes stay in good condition, you should also have them serviced every 20,000 miles. That way you can be confident that they are working perfectly and keeping you safe.

Fluid Changes

Oil isn’t the only fluid that needs to be changed regularly! Your car utilizes many different fluids to function properly. Here are a few of them and when you should expect to change them.

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission makes sure that when you want to go a certain speed, the right amount of power gets sent to your wheels. It requires fluid to function, and that fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Brake Fluid

Remember when we said that you should have your brakes serviced every 20,000 miles? Well that’s when you should change out your brake fluid, too!

Power Steering Fluid

To keep your power steering working well, replace your power steering fluid every 50,000 miles.

Tire Alignments

The easiest way to maintain proper alignment is to have your tires aligned with each oil change. If you don’t want to do it that often, we recommend getting an alignment at least once a year.

When we complete alignments, we check the shocks and struts, so you’ll stay up to date on any potential issues or required repairs.

High-Mileage Services

If your car has a ton of miles on it, you may need additional services. These are usually based on your auto manufacturer’s guidelines. Common services include engine flushes, transmission flushes, power steering flushes, and fuel injection flushes.

Many manufacturers also recommend additional services at the 15,000 mile, 30,000 mile, and 60,000 mile milestones. Be sure to ask about these services, because your auto shop may not do them automatically when completing other services like oil changes.

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