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Why You Need All-Terrain Tires

In Alaska, the terrain changes quite often. People love living in the Fairbanks area because they can enjoy the amenities of the city while adventuring in the wilderness every weekend. Some roads in Alaska change from smooth tarmac to rough, cracked ground. You might drive off-road, or you might need to drive up gravel or dirt paths to reach the homes or businesses you wish to visit. 

These tips explain why you need all-terrain tires on Alaskan roads throughout the year.

Heavier Tread

All-terrain tires have heavier treads, and they often look rather formidable. When you have heavier treads, you have more grip. However, you do not want treads that are so heavy you feel as though you’re on an ATV.

Heavier treads may help while riding through snowbanks, but you must be aware that these treads cannot prevent slippage on ice. You can check the rating to determine which tires work in your situation and with your vehicle. 

Changing Weather Conditions

Changing weather conditions in Alaska could leave you in a bad situation. All terrain tires ensure that you can drive in heavy rain, snow, heavy winds, or when you encounter landslides, mudslides, or large puddles. 

However, you should never drive into any situation you do not understand. It is best to pull over, turn around, or take a more familiar route. 

Changing Air Pressure

All terrain tires allow you to change the air pressure depending on the terrain you drive on. Most people can keep their tires at the manufacturer recommended pressures, ensuring that they can drive on normal roads. However, you may deflate these tires slightly for gravel, rocks, or rugged terrain. 

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