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Why To Take Your Check Engine Light Warning Seriously

No one likes it when their check engine light comes on, and while we may just want to ignore it, deep down we all know that’s not a good move. There’s a reason your light is on, and you need to have it checked out. At Pearson Auto, we’ve been helping people with their check engine lights for years and wanted to go over a few specific reasons you should always take your vehicle’s warning lights seriously.

Is Your Light Solid or Flashing?

Both solid and flashing check engine lights indicate that a problem has been detected, but a flashing check engine light means a SERIOUS problem has been found. If you see a flashing light, you may consider pulling over and inspecting the engine yourself. You’ll want to have your car inspected by a trusted auto-mechanic as soon as possible, or else there could be more damage caused.

What Can Cause The Light to Turn On?

There are a great many things that could cause your check engine light to come on. It could be as small as your gas cap being loose, or you could have something locking up within your engine. The best way to figure out what is turning your light on is to have it diagnosed at a local garage.

Can Low Oil Turn Your Light On?

Many people think that their check engine light can turn on if their oil runs low, but this is actually a myth. Letting your vehicle run low on oil can lead to serious issues, but it won’t actually turn your check engine light on. Instead, it will cause an oil light to illuminate on your dashboard.

Get Help from a Professional Auto-Mechanic

The longer you drive around with your check engine light on, the more damage you could be doing. You want to get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Don’t bring your car to just any shop; come to Pearson Auto. Our team of experienced auto-mechanic specialists is standing by, ready to help.

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