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When to Have Your Steering and Suspension Checked

Close up under a car at its suspension system.

Car feeling a little bumpy lately? Having trouble turning your steering wheel? You may have suspension or steering issues. Here’s how to know, and what to do about it.

Signs of Steering Issues

Your steering wheel is one of the biggest lifelines connecting you to your car. So if things feel off, it means you don’t have the level of control you need to be safe. If you’re experiencing any of the following, get your steering system checked ASAP.

  • You feel like you have to “fight” the steering wheel for control
  • Your car drifts if you’re not gripping the wheel
  • The wheel shakes
  • There is “play” in the steering wheel — meaning the wheel can be turned more than 1-1.5 inches without your tires rotating
  • You have to work too hard to turn

Signs of Suspension Issues

Your suspension is what gives you a smooth ride, keeping you from bouncing around with every bump in the road. If you’ve got suspension problems, you may experience some of these signs:

  • The car has sunk in the front, back, or one corner
  • You can feel every bump in the surface of the road
  • You feel like the car will tip over when you turn
  • Your vehicle tips forward or falls back when braking

The Dangers of Poor Steering and Suspension

While dealing with a bumpy ride is annoying, steering and suspension problems can be a much bigger deal. Bumps in the road don’t just jostle you — a big one could make you lose control of your car or toss you into another lane. And if your steering is struggling, you may drift into oncoming traffic or have problems moving out of the way of things in the road.

Living in Alaska with snowy and icy conditions makes these issues even more dangerous, so it’s vital to get your steering and suspension fixed at the first sign of trouble!

Don’t Wait to Check Your Suspension and Steering

Make an appointment at Pearson Auto the moment you notice any problems. We’ll check out your steering and suspension systems, diagnose any issues, and get your car fixed as quickly as possible. Plus, we offer a 5-year/50,000 mile warranty and have ASE-certified technicians, so you know you’re in good hands.

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