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When is it Recommended to Change My Car Battery?

Nothing is worse than waking up and getting ready for work, only to discover that your car battery is dead. There are a lot of different reasons why your battery may be dead, and as a professional Maryland auto-mechanic, we wanted to outline some of them, as well as when it’s recommended you change your battery.

Does Your Engine Take a While to Start?

If it’s been taking a few turns of your key to get your engine started, you could have a battery issue. Over time, batteries lose their charge and will need to be replaced once their charge drops below a certain level.

Does Your Battery Smell?

You probably don’t go around sniffing your car’s battery too much, but maybe you should. Hear us out. If there’s a crack or leak in your battery, gas may begin to seep out. This gas is dangerous and can damage and corrode other parts on your car. Luckily, this gas will smell like rotten eggs, meaning you can recognize when a leak does occur.

Have You Had to “Jump” Your Battery a Lot Recently?

Sometimes things like the temperature and weather conditions can affect your battery, and may drain it of its charge. When this happens, you’re going to need a jump from another battery. If you find yourself needing a jump too often, it’s probably not the temperature, and instead it is probably your battery.

Work with a Professional Maryland Auto-Mechanic

Experiencing problems with your vehicle’s battery? Having issues with any other part of your car? Bring it on by our shop. At Pearson Auto, we’ve helped Marylanders with their batteries for years. Give us a call or stop by today!

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