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How to Know if Your Fuel System Needs Repair

Closeup a Pearson Auto technician's hands carefully checking the fuel system.

Got engine trouble? It may be your fuel system. Find out if your car may be experiencing fuel system issues by learning what symptoms to look out for.

Signs You Have Fuel System Issues

How do you know you have fuel system problems? Keep an eye out for some of these symptoms in your vehicle:

  • Your engine sputters
  • The ignition won’t turn over
  • Your car loses power when you’re in a low gear
  • Your engine temperature spikes
  • Fuel pressure gauge rises or drops for no reason
  • You have trouble driving uphill
  • Fuel economy drops significantly
  • Your car changes speed without accelerator input

The Problem with Fuel Treatments

A fuel treatment may seem like the perfect quick fix for your fuel system issues. But don’t trust any marketing that tells you a treatment is the silver bullet for your problems — in fact, fuel treatments can’t solve fundamental issues with your fuel system at all. Fuel treatments only clean the dirt in your filter or injectors. That’s great and all, but really more of a routine procedure. If you are experiencing potential issues with your fuel system, you need to take your car in and get it looked at by a professional.

Fuel System Diagnostics

Have your vehicle diagnosed by trustworthy ASE-certified technicians. Working with a team that provides comprehensive diagnostics is key to ensure you get to the heart of the problem, as fuel systems can affect many parts of your car. Make an appointment today at Pearson Auto to have your car inspected by a team of experienced professionals.

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