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How to Consistently Winterize Your Car

Winterizing your car is a normal task throughout much of the United States, but winterizing in Alaska is a necessity. Harsh winters and cold temperatures that tend to persist throughout the year can take a toll on your vehicle. At Pearson Auto, we want you to be ready for any situation, and we have a few tips for winterizing your vehicle and preparing for intense weather conditions.

car winterization

Winter Wipers

Winter wipers are an often overlooked and essential detail for Alaska drivers. Winter wipers make it easy to keep the windshield clean even as ice builds up on the windshield and weighs the wipers down. The special rubber compound used to make these wipers prevents icing, and they work just like any other wiper even if the weather is sunny and relatively warm.

Check Your Tires

You may opt for all terrain tires, but even if you don’t, your tires must remain in good condition. Keep the tires at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, and ask your mechanic to check the tires for damage or wear. Replace the tires as soon as they show severe signs of wear. Worn tires slip easily on icy ground, and they do not cope well with snowbanks or rough terrain. 

Maintain Your Regular Service Schedule

Maintaining a regular service schedule for oil changes, fluid changes, filter changes, and high-mileage services ensures your vehicle runs properly at all times. If the vehicle is not serviced properly, it could break down or develop issues at the worst time. Plus, a car that is failing is more likely to break down as it struggles down an icy road, over a snowbank, up a hill, or across rough terrain.

Reach Out to Pearson Auto for Winterizing Services

Feel free to call us at 907-371-0440 or email for winterizing services. At Pearson Auto, we ensure that your car is ready for any weather conditions you might encounter. Preparing for cold Alaska winters, changing terrains, and unpredictable weather changes keeps you safe and makes driving more enjoyable.

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