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winter driving

Winterizing Your Car or Truck for a Long Winter

Winter is almost here, is your car or truck ready to go? The winter months can be harsh on your vehicle, but you can make things easier by performing a few preventative measures on your vehicle. Taking some time today, we wanted to talk about some of these measures you can perform to help your vehicle get through the season.

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car battery jump

Why is My Car Not Starting?

No time is ever the right time for your car to break down, and you never realize how important your car is until it’s not working. There are plenty of potential reasons why a car won’t start. Whether you’re currently sitting in a car that won’t start or preparing for a worst-case scenario, check out these top reasons why a car won’t start. 

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winterize vehicle

5 Ways We Winterize Your Car

It may be the middle of the summer but here at Pearson Auto, we’re always thinking ahead. With Alaska’s brutal winters, you have to make sure that your car is ready to handle the tough winter conditions. Pearson Auto is here to help you winterize your car.

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garage door opening

How to Consistently Winterize Your Car

Winterizing your car is a normal task throughout much of the United States, but winterizing in Alaska is a necessity. Harsh winters and cold temperatures that tend to persist throughout the year can take a toll on your vehicle. At Pearson Auto, we want you to be ready for any situation, and we have a few tips for winterizing your vehicle and preparing for intense weather conditions.

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worn tire tread

Why You Need All-Terrain Tires

In Alaska, the terrain changes quite often. People love living in the Fairbanks area because they can enjoy the amenities of the city while adventuring in the wilderness every weekend. Some roads in Alaska change from smooth tarmac to rough, cracked ground. You might drive off-road, or you might need to drive up gravel or dirt paths to reach the homes or businesses you wish to visit. 

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on the road

Maintenance Tips for Long-Distance Driving

Driving long distances is a part of living in Alaska. They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but we know everything is really big in Alaska. When you drive long distances, there are a few things you can do to keep your vehicle in good condition, and preparing for every trip is a simple way to “check in” with your vehicle and ensure it’s running properly.

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